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Contemporary home accessories inspire a harmonious blend of textures, patterns, and materials—resulting in a visually captivating living space. Elevate your rooms with our modern accessories designed to add depth, create focal points, and enhance overall aesthetics, allowing you to craft a space that truly feels your own.


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Roll Side Dish Brown
Roll Side Dish Brown Sale price₱7,275.00
Wooden Lid Decorative Box Brown - B
Dream Gate - B
Dream Gate - B Sale price₱6,150.00
Stripe Brown Bottle B
Stripe Brown Bottle B Sale price₱3,500.00
Stripe Brown Bottle A
Stripe Brown Bottle A Sale price₱3,850.00
Double Ring Ornament White
Double Ring Ornament White Sale price₱6,325.00
Radiation Wood Carved Shallow
Radiation Wood Carved Shallow Sale price₱2,950.00
Rattan Storage Box with Stone Lid B
Rattan Storage Box with Stone Lid A
Wave Ball
Wave Ball Sale priceFrom ₱1,350.00
Silver Pattern Geometric Vase High
Light Coffee Textile Texture Decorative Box
Square Window Room Ornament
Square Window Room Ornament Sale price₱4,550.00
Long Window Room Ornament
Long Window Room Ornament Sale price₱4,550.00
Opal Chess Ornament
Opal Chess Ornament Sale price₱8,200.00
Embedded XO Chess - Black
Embedded XO Chess - Black Sale price₱6,225.00
Amphora VaseAmphora Vase
Amphora Vase Sale priceFrom ₱3,500.00
Black and White Plate
Black and White Plate Sale price₱4,825.00
Black and White VaseBlack and White Vase
Black and White Vase Sale priceFrom ₱3,925.00
Thick Line BottleThick Line Bottle
Thick Line Bottle Sale priceFrom ₱4,625.00
Black & White Candle Holder A
Black & White Candle Holder A Sale price₱5,150.00
Thread Glass Decoration
Thread Glass Decoration Sale priceFrom ₱8,075.00
Stream White BottleStream White Bottle
Stream White Bottle Sale priceFrom ₱3,275.00
Torch Candle Stick GoldTorch Candle Stick Gold
Torch Candle Stick Gold Sale priceFrom ₱4,850.00